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King Mohammed of Morocco addresses nation on Throne Day

King Mohammed VI addressed the nation on the eighteenth Throne Day anniversary.

Throne Day is a national holiday held in the country to celebrate the King’s accession to the throne. The current King officially took the throne on the 30th of July 1999 when he succeeded his father.

During the speech, the King spoke about what has been completed in the last year and the future vision for the country.

In this year’s speech, the King noted, “Morocco’s resources are limited. It is also a fact that many regions need more basic social services.”

He added, “Morocco has been constantly developing, by the grace of the Almighty. Progress is clear and real; it is recognised across the board and in all sectors.”

The King spoke about the failure of some political parties and said that the parties “believe that all they have to do is hold their general meetings, those of their political executive committees and get involved in election campaigns.”

His Majesty also said, “When it comes to engaging the citizens and solving their problems, they do nothing and are non-existent. This is unacceptable on the part of institutions whose role is to guide and represent the citizens and to serve their interests.”

The King also spoke about the police force saying, “Law enforcement services have found themselves face to face with the citizens. They have bravely and patiently fulfilled their duty, showing restraint and commitment to the rule of law as they maintained security and stability.”

He emphasised that Morocco must come above political affiliation stating, “Morocco must come first: before political parties, before elections and before senior positions.”

The King spoke of his pride in his country and the pride he carried in his role, “Until my very last breath, I will always take pride in serving you, for I was brought up to love our motherland and to serve its sons and daughters.”

He concluded his address with a quote from the Quran, “Allah does command you to render back your trusts to those to whom they are due; and when you judge between man and man, that you judge with justice.”

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