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King Abdullah meets UK Prime Minister Theresa May

His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan was in the UK on Wednesday, 1 March to meet with UK Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street. Their discussions centred on strengthening historic bilateral relations between the two nations in the military, economic and political fields as well as new regional and international developments.

King Abdullah said the on-going relationship between the UK and Jordan was ‘improving every year’ despite challenges. His Majesty attributed this strong bond to the shared stances on regional and international challenges.

Prime Minister May echoed the King’s sentiments by acknowledging the mutual interests the countries share regarding security and economic development as well as the strong historic relations in various fields.

King Abdullah was keen to get the PM’s input on strategies for achieving peace in the Middle East as he feels the UK plays an important role and their discussion affirmed the need to remain coordinated on mutual concerns in this area. In the peace process His Majesty has called for intensifying efforts to push forward with serious and effective talks between the Palestinians and Israelis in order to secure the goal of a two-state solution, the only way to avoid grave consequences for the region’s security and stability.

The King and Prime Minister’s talks also touched on regional and international anti-terrorism efforts to safeguard peace, the need for stability in Iraq, Yemen and Libya as well as the on-going situation in Syria. King Abdullah was clear that momentum needs to be maintained and that international efforts to maintain the ceasefire will help to pave the way for a political solution.

The King acknowledged and thanked the UK for its support of Jordan throughout the Syrian crisis, which has helped ease the impact of the large influx of Syrian refugees into the country. This support has allowed Jordan to continue delivering relief and humanitarian aid to those involved in the crisis. As help is still needed, the King to encourage Prime Minister May to ensure donors who pledged to support Jordan and other refugees host countries at last year’s London donor conference honour their promises.

Prime Minister May thanked Amman for its efforts towards building stability and security in the Middle East and pledged continued support for Jordan both with the refugee crisis and through the advancement of partnerships in all fields.

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