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Queen Rania honours winners of 2016 Queen Rania Awards for Excellence in Education

On Tuesday in Amman, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan honoured the winners of the 2016 Queen Rania Awards for Excellence in Education (QRAEE) at the Al Hussein Youth City’s Palace of Culture in her capacity as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. She presented the awards for the 11th Teacher Award and 2nd cycle of the School Counselor Award.

Over 2,000 people attended the ceremony where 23 teachers and 5 counsellors were awarded. The winners were chosen from a pool of 1,609 teachers and 147 guidance counsellors who went through a very competitive process.

Her Majesty delivered a speech during the awards and spoke of the important role of teachers in education development across Jordan. She explained, “Development requires substituting methods of the past with those compatible with the needs of the future.”

Queen Rania emphasised how important training teachers are in education progress. She believes that educators should lead an “educational renaissance” in their classrooms. She also mentioned that they have the power to break through a “stockpile of changes” in different areas. For Rania, teachers are heroes in Jordan.

She explained, “Nothing can match the greatness and nobleness of your work, no measure of gratitude gives justice to your patience and dedication, and no joy is equal to the joy I feel when I see the smiles before me today, which will continue to fuel my drive to keep championing on behalf of teachers.”

Her Majesty did admit that the Jordanian education system needed to be upgraded and that textbooks “should become a partner and a reference for teachers rather than a hindrance limited by rigid style and wording,” according to the press release of the Office of Her Majesty.

She also said that she does not understand those who do not want to develop and advance the Jordanian education system and that she admires all the work educators do.

The award winners from Tuesday will receive 3,000 Jordanian dinars (£3,400) for first place, 2,000 Jordanian dinars (£2300) for second place, and 1,000 Jordanian dinars (£1100)  for third place.

The QRAEE was established by King Abdullah and Queen Rania in 2005 with the help of the Ministry of Education. The awards were created to set “a national standard of excellence in teaching” as well as to “celebrate, encourage, and honour those who reach it,” according to the Office of Her Majesty.

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