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Princess Iman of Jordan celebrating 21st birthday

Just a day after her younger sister, Princess Salma celebrated her 17th birthday, Princess Iman of Jordan is celebrating her 21st birthday today.

Yesterday, her mother, Queen Rania, posted a photo of herself with Iman, Salma and King Abdullah wishing both her daughters a happy birthday saying, “Happy birthday to both of my dear girls, Iman and Salma.”

The photo Queen Rania posted for Princesses Iman and Salma’s birthdays. Photo: @QueenRania/Twitter Copyright © 2017, The Royal Hashemite Court

Crown Prince Hussein also posted a birthday message to his sisters on his official Instagram saying, “A double-happy birthday to my dear sisters, Salma and Iman!”

Her Royal Highness Princess Iman bint Abdullah was born as the second child of the then Prince Abdullah and Princess Rania of Jordan on 27 September 1996 in Amman. When she was just two-years-old, her father unexpectedly became the King of Jordan after the death of her grandfather, King Hussein. Hussein had only made Abdullah the Crown Prince a few weeks before his death.

Iman graduated from the International Academy Amman on 4 June 2014 alongside her paternal cousin, Muna Juma (the daughter of her aunt, Princess Aisha). She was named the top female athlete in her class at graduation, and she now attends Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Her brother, Crown Prince Hussein graduated from the university in 2016.

She makes several appearances with the Jordanian Royal Family, especially alongside her mother, per year. Most notably, she accompanied her parents to the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to Daniel Westling in 2010. Her Royal Highness has also been known to travel with her parents on trips abroad.

Princess Iman (far left) beside her mother at the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria in 2010. Photo: Holger Motzkau 2010, Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons (cc-by-sa-3.0)

Unlike her mother and older brother, she does not yet have public social media sites.

Her Royal Highness, a member of the Hashemite family, is a 42nd generation direct descendant of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Her grandfather was His Majesty King Hussein (1935-1999), and her grandmother is the British-born Her Royal Highness Princess Muna al-Hussein. She also has a step-grandmother, the American-born Queen Noor, who was married to King Hussein at the time of his death from cancer.

She shares her name with her 34-year-old half-aunt, Princess Iman, who is the daughter of King Hussein and Queen Noor.

Her Royal Highness has one older sibling: His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah (b. 28 June 1994). Hussein and Iman were joined by a younger sister Her Royal Highness Princess Salma (b. 26 September 2000) and younger brother, His Royal Highness Prince Hashem bin Abdullah (b. 30 January 2005).

As with other females in the Jordanian Royal Family, Princess Iman and her younger sister Princess Salma are not in line to the Jordanian throne as the Jordanian Constitution states that only allow Muslim men of sound mind, descended from King Abdullah I, are eligible to ascend to the throne.

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