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Jordan’s Princess Dina Mired working to combat smoking of youth in Armenia

Her Royal Highness, Princess Dina Mired of Jordan is in Armenia by invitation of the Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU). Her Royal Highness is the newly appointed Chairwoman of the Union of International Cancer Control. She is a global advocate for Cancer Control and Non-Communicable Diseases.

She visited the Temple of Garni and Geghard monastery while there and was accompanied by YSMU Rector Armen Muradyan. She also enjoyed Armenian music and food.

The Princess told the Armenian News her thoughts on how Armenia is doing to fight the prevention of smoking in the country: “I must say that there is a really well-educated medical staff, the facilities, but we are here to assist Armenia to move forward in the field, and here that base exists. We will, of course, continue our cooperation; however, there is a question over which I and the YSMU Rector agree: Armenia must fight against cigarettes. The tobacco industry that receives money at the expense of people’s health develops many bad ways through which it increases the number of consumers as much as possible. They target youth, make them as lifelong tobacco users. Our country, as well, still has to carry out works on this path, otherwise, no any healthcare ministry will be able to fight against the diseases caused by cigarettes in the future.”

One of the Princess’s children overcame cancer. She said that having a positive attitude during these tough times is a necessity: “Of course, it is very difficult, especially in the first six months; however, the most important thing is to understand and perceive that this is not the end. Relatives, friends, the public in general play a key role in understanding this. New types of treatment are yet to come; it is just necessary to resist and remember that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.”

Princess Dina Mired is very pleased with the relationship between Armenia and Jordan; she is thrilled that there is an Armenian community with its culture in Jordan: “Armenia and Jordan are friendly countries. We have a wonderful Armenian community that already lives there for over 100 years, and I have Armenian friends. There is an Armenian restaurant in Jordan that serves fantastic Armenian dishes. We also have experienced Armenian jewellers. I just could not miss this chance to visit Armenia.”

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