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Crown Prince of Jordan puts final touch on mini satellite project

Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein has this week helped put the final pieces in position on Jordan’s first mini-satellite, which is planned to go into orbit during the first quarter of 2018. The JY1-Sat has been designed and built by young Jordanian engineering students from all their universities operating under the umbrella of the Crown Prince Federation. The JY1-Sat was named in honour of the late King Hussein whose call-sign was JY1.

When the satellite is completed, it will primarily be an educational research tool. However, it will also be used to promote Jordan across the world by broadcasting images of tourist and heritage locations across Jordan wirelessly to earth stations spread across the globe. The Crown Prince was visiting the Nanotechnology Institute, and in addition to assisting with the completion of the satellite, also recorded a message which will later be uploaded onto the satellite and broadcast to the cosmos.

Many countries across the world are trying to encourage students towards the so-called STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). As part of that within Jordan, the Crown Prince Federation has initiated the “Masar Initiative”. This seeks to steer Jordanian students towards studying Space Science and related research.

Masar initiative organiser Sanad Haddad, who said that the plan was proposed by Jordanian students who participated in the first batch of the cooperation programme with the US space agency NASA. The interns had suggested the design and launch of the first Jordanian satellite CubeSat, one of the smallest satellites made.

Haddad said that the mini satellite is the first Jordanian experience in the space world, and the only Arab mini-satellite that was designed and built locally by 19 students, academics and consultants from various engineering fields in Jordanian universities.

In addition to hearing the presentation from Sanad Haddad, the Crown Prince was also briefed by Omar Jarrah, President of the Jordan University of Science and Technology on its achievements on both a global and local scale.

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