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Queen Rania launches Mobile Emerging Technology Exhibitions

The Jordan River Foundation was first established in 1995 for the purpose of uplifting Jordanian communities and children. Through various efforts, the foundation strives to prove to the masses that they can succeed in many areas of life without becoming subject to a status of poverty or social injustice.

Chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the Jordan River Foundation has benefited nearly 4,000 people in the past three years alone through Community Empowerment Programmes. Just over 82,000 women and children have been impacted by its family support programmes since only 2015.

In a continuation of the efforts put forth by Queen Rania’s foundation, Her Majesty met schoolchildren and organisers on 27 February to begin the launch of a new youth programme aimed towards harnessing the talented abilities of youth in the country.

The Mobile Emerging Technology Exhibition through a partnership with UNICEF is made up of ten vans which are equipped with the resources to impact Jordan’s youth positively. These vans tour throughout Jordan at UNICEF “Makani” Centres, educating and empowering at-risk young people in subjects of technology, innovation, and social interaction. This initiative infuses the hope that technology remains a key element needed to effect changes in the social and economic structure of the country.

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Her Majesty toured various aspects of the exhibition including those such as “Tell Us Your Story,” “Energy,” and “Arts & Technology.” Other parts surveyed by Her Majesty included the Coding and Circuit Tinker Labs and Augmented Reality Sandbox. All of which hope to build confidence in the nation’s children, allowing them to learn while having fun.

“The [Jordan River Foundation’s] Mobile Emerging Technology Exhibitions will be giving young Jordanians from different governorates the chance to try new technologies and participate in mental exercises,” said Queen Rania via Twitter.

Through the Social Innovations Lab in 2017 it impacted 6,000 trained youths in its launch. The Jordan River Foundation hopes to continue these efforts in the future and give young people throughout the country of Jordan the chance to exert technological creativity and social integration in their every day lives as the future of the country as a whole.

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