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Princess Nejla of Jordan launches jewellery line

Princess Nejla bint Asem, Princess of Jordan, has partnered up with a Damas, a jewellery company based in Dubai to create a brand new collection.

The collection will feature 16 pieces including statement necklaces and drop earrings.

The collection, named after the royal, is described as being a celebration of cultures which aims to bring the East and West together. It aims to do this by taking traditional oriental pieces and blending them with monochromatic hues and tones.

The Princess said: “I draw my inspiration from my days as a child walking through Downton Amman and romanticising about the semi-precious stones in the shops.”

“Influenced by everything surrounding me, I grew up in an Arab and oriental environment, which helped me pave the way for designing jewellery.”

She added: “As a child, my grandmother spotted my thirst for jewellery design and helped me nurture and develop the craft.”

“We shared countless moments discussing gems, stones and different pieces, she would describe some of the most memorable pieces she’s seen in her time, and I would attempt to imitate them.”

Speaking about the new jewellery line, she said: “In this most recent line, you’ll be able to see how I explore the artistic and cultural history of different countries, creating pieces that bring the perfect harmony between the East and West. Each handcrafted piece is a manifestation of the abstract yet somehow realistic life we are living in, each with a tale of its own from our history.”

The collection will only be available from the Damas store in the Dubai Mall. For those not wishing to make the journey, the collection can be seen on Instagram.

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