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King and Queen of Jordan attend Independence Day celebrations

Jordan celebrated its 71st anniversary since its independence from the British Commonwealth in 1946 on Thursday, 25 May 2017. As part of the celebrations regarding their nation’s birth as a sovereign country, the King and Queen of Jordan hosted a celebration at Raghadan Palace. They were accompanied by their daughter Princess Salma and other members of the Jordanian Royal Family. As well as marking the birth of Jordan, Their Majesties also took the opportunity to highlight how far the kingdom had come since its inception, and how blessed its is to be possessed of such a stable and unified country in comparison to its neighbours.

As the Jordanian national anthem played, King Abdullah was greeted by a 21 gun salute from the artillery upon his approach to the palace to begin the festivities.

Jordan’s remarkable rise was immortalised through music, dance and media throughout the event, being attended by a wide array of singers and entertainers from the region. Patriotic songs were sung by Lebanese singer Samira Tawfik and Jordanian singer Zain Awad, and a special opera performance was conducted by five-time winner of Arabs Got Talent Emmane Beasha, with accompaniment by the National Music Conservatory. The Jordanian choir Dozan Wa Awtar followed up with further patriotic anthems.

A film was also presented by an artist called Hamad Nijim, entitled “The Story of Independence.” It told the tale of Jordan’s beginnings and how their ancestors helped lay the foundations for the kingdom’s later successes now enjoyed by current generations despite all odds and obstacles. It was accompanied by music and a brief film about Jordan’s further history.

Two Jordanian students were also on hand to present a dialogue dedicated to the great promise of further education and technological innovation that the nation can expect in the future, and the opportunities becoming so plentiful for Jordanians today. They hopefully declared that “the sky was the limit” if Jordan was able to harness its populace and instil in them the virtues of unity, willpower, patience, and industriousness. Summing up their hope and dreams for their country, they reminded those in attendance that such a shining vision can only be achieved through high-quality education and schools, a harmonious and patriotic society, and a religion of peace, love and modesty.

In addition to the Royal Family, the celebration was also attended by a crowd of noteworthy citizens who had been picked out for honours from the King, mostly artists, entrepreneurs, military personnel and other such individuals and organisations. During performances, a film was shown highlighting their achievements and contributions, demonstrating their worthiness of their honours.

Tweeting on his personal account, His Majesty King Abdullah expressed his joy at the opportunity to celebrate his country and its freedom alongside such youthful talent and creative artists saying, “Celebrating independence with all the talent the young Jordanian, amid Jordanian songs decorated our heritage voice and creative presence of Samira Tawfik, filled me with pride and happiness.”

Queen Rania also tweeted about the day saying, “Proud to be celebrating Independence Day with our country’s beloved people.”

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