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King Abdullah of Jordan holds talks with French President

King Abdullah of Jordan has held talks with newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

The talks took place at Élysée Palace to discuss recent international developments as well as ways of boosting the cooperation and ties between the countries.

King Abdullah said he was delighted to revisit France and meet with President Macron, emphasising the strong connections between the nations.

King Abdullah said: “Jordan will always be your friend and your ally, and we will always stand together with France.”

He emphasised that the best way to tackle the global challenges is by working together: “The shared global challenges of today are a collective responsibility for all of us, and the best way to overcome them is through joint action.”

King Abdullah also talked about stopping extremism saying: “The challenge that we have is, obviously, rejecting hate speech and Islamophobia. This is key to stopping extremist forces.”

King Abdullah also talked about his countries efforts to tackle the refugee crisis and that it affects Jordan very strongly. He said the country looks “forward to the support of the international community in that.”

King Abdullah also highlighted France being the top investor in Jordan. Mentioning that over “$2 billion has been spent on investments, as you mentioned energy, telecom, and construction sectors.” As well as that, he pointed out that there are “many opportunities for our private sectors to grow together.”

President Macron said that Jordan and France were bound by a deep-rooted and historical friendship. He pointed out the cooperation between the two countries militarily; French troops are currently stationed in Jordan as part of the international anti-terror coalition. President Macron visited the troops during his campaign.

Macron praised the Kingdom of Jordan’s role in the fight against terrorism and the strength of the country in what is a very chaotic region of the world.

Also on discussion was the situation in Syria. Macron emphasised Jordan’s role in hosting refugees and made clear the need for diplomacy to help restore stability in Syria and bring a conclusion to the crisis. King Abdullah noted his appreciation for France’s economic assistance in dealing with the flow of refugees into the country.

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