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Marriage prospects unknown for Japan’s Princess Mako

The marriage prospects of Japan’s Princess Mako of Akishino are unknown, her father, Crown Prince Fumihito revealed to the media on Saturday during a press conference ahead of his and his wife, Crown Princess Kiko’s official visit to Finland and Poland this next week.

His Imperial Highness said that it is not known if his daughter’s marriage to commoner Kei Komuro will take place.

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“I have not heard from my daughter about it, so I do not know how things are at this stage and what she thinks about it,” he explained.

If the wedding does take place, Princess Mako will be expected to leave the Imperial Family and renounce her title as part of Imperial Household Law.

It was announced at the beginning of last year that the wedding of Princess Mako – the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko – and her fiance, had been postponed until 2020 due to “lack of preparation.”

Princess Mako, 27, wanted to postpone the wedding until 2020 after a “series of ceremonies important for the Imperial family have ended smoothly.” This probably referred to the Emperor’s abdication, which took place on 30 April 2019. She added that the delay was caused by the couple’s “immaturity” and that they regret the situation.

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Princess Mako and her university sweetheart, Kei Komuro were initially due to wed on 4 November 2018 at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo after they had become fully engaged through ‘Nosai no Gi’ – a traditional rite of betrothal and formal engagement ceremony- on 4 March 2018.

Her Imperial Highness is the eldest child of the Crown Prince Couple and was born in the Imperial Household Agency Hospital in Tokyo on 23 October 1991. She has one younger sister, Princess Kako (24) and Prince Hisahito (12).

Due to imperial succession laws, women cannot ascend the throne meaning that her younger brother is second in line to the throne. There are only three men in the line of succession, the Crown Prince, Prince Hisahito, and 83-year-old Prince Hitachi (the younger brother of the Emperor Emeritus).

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