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Japanese Crown Prince gives speech at World Water Forum

Crown Prince Naruhito gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the eighth World Water Forum.

In his fourth visit to the forum, the Crown Prince also gave a keynote speech in a panel discussion on water and disasters later in the day. He called for international cooperation to deal with issues caused by global warming. He voiced his fears of climate change causing both torrential rain and droughts in the future.

To save those vulnerable – who he said were mainly women and children – to these disasters, he asked for countries to work together to fight the global issues relating to climate change. He stressed the importance of combining efforts in sharing water and preserving water resources. The Crown Prince explained the roles that water plays in bringing peace and prosperity to people.

Crown Prince Naruhito also met with over 50 Japanese descendants at the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Brazil, and said: “Let us hope that Japanese culture can spread.”

Last Friday, the Crown Prince left Japan for his five-day trip to Brazil. His visit was filled with not only his speeches but lunch with Brazilian President, Michel Temer and a visit to an agriculture and stock raising centre on the outskirts of the Brazilian capital. He departed on Tuesday, 20 March. The Imperial Household Agency in Japan views Naruhito’s trip as personal.

The Crown Prince has made it his life’s work to research into water issues and has recently attended the World Water Forum in Kyoto (Japan), Mexico and Turkey. Until 2015, he was the honorary president of the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation for eight years.

Crown Prince Naruhito is next in line to the throne and will ascend when Emperor Akihito renounces it on 30 April next year, in the country’s first imperial abdication in over 200 years.

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