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Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg Visits California

This week Prince Guillaume, the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg is on a trade mission to California. He has been joined by Pierre Gramenga, the Minister of Finance in the Bettel-Schneider Ministry. The Minister is an excellent companion for the Prince on such missions as a former Director-General of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

The Prince himself, is Honorary Chairman of the Board of Economic Development of Luxembourg. A position he has held since 2001, and this visit shows he how seriously he is taking that responsibility.

On Monday, one of the companies visited was Plug and Play. They are a global innovation platform and the power behind such well-known tools as PayPal and Dropbox. Following the visit, both Pierre Gramenga and Plug and Play went onto social media and described the visit to the technology centre as a success.

It is understood that the purpose of the trade mission was to push the advantages of Luxembourg as a European FinTech hub to the companies within America’s Silicon Valley.  Luxembourg has recently been ranked as the leading financial centre within the Eurozone, and third within Europe. Hence the need to ensure it keeps itself at the forefront of global FinTech innovation.

The visit has not only enabled the couple to see advances that could be made to Luxembourg’s Financial Technology sector, but also compare the trams of places like San Francisco to those of their homeland.

34-year-old Prince Guillaume has been Hereditary Grand Duke since the accession of his father in 2000. Educated in England at University College, Durham and Brunel Universities, he also has an Honours degree in Politic Sciences from the Universitie d’Angers. The Prince married Princess Stephanie of the Belgian Royal Family in October 2012.

The Prince has frequently represented his parents on foreign engagements, aided by his skill in languages. He is fluent in Luxembourgish, English, French, German and Spanish, as well as being a keen sportsman.

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