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Another Saudi prince punished for breaking the law

As Royal Central reported last month, in a story that appeared to surprise our readers, Saudi Arabia executed Prince Turki Bin Saud Bin Turki Al-Kabeer for murder. The family of his victim refused to accept blood money or to pardon him in accordance with Shariah law, which treats intentional and unintentional homicide as a civil dispute between people and not a matter which is handled by the justice system. Now, another prince has been given a prison sentence and received a lashing as part of his punishment, as well.

Manama, another Saudi prince from the Al Saud ruling family, was flogged on Monday as part of his court-ordered sentence in a prison in Jeddah. A doctor examined the Prince to ensure he was healthy, and the lashing was witnessed by a committee of five individuals from various agencies, which remained unnamed. It wasn’t revealed either how many lashes in total Prince Manama received or how he faired after his punishment was carried out.

His sentence was carried out according to the regulations established for this purpose. The examination was to make certain there weren’t any health-related issues that could either postpone or prevent the flogging from being carried out.

The Saudi daily paper, Okaz didn’t disclose the specifics of the crime the prince was found guilty of. He simply ‘broke the law’. The newspaper also didn’t mention the length of the prison sentence given to Prince Manama or if there were any further stipulations for this sentence that were to take place. Though, if he were found guilty of murder, the court would’ve sentenced him to death if the victim’s family refused to pardon him or the blood money offered as payment.

If more news pertaining to this story becomes available, you will see it here first, on Royal Central.

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