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#OnThisDay in the year 946: King Edmund I Of England is murdered

Who is King Edmund I?  Known to some as “The magnificent”, “the Elder”, “the Deed-doer”, “the Just” and to others “The Elder”, he was born in Circa 921. He was son to King Edward and Half brother to Æthelstan.

King Edmund in the 13th Century

King Edmund in the 13th Century

His Majesty succeeded his half brother, Æthelstan, to the throne when he was eighteen years of age in the year 940.

King Edmund was England’s monarch 1070 years ago and today marks another anniversary of his death.

During his reign, the Danish monarch, King Olaf Guthrithson, took the city of York supported by the infamous renegade wulfstan, Archbishop of York. But once King Olaf died, King Edmund conquered the Midlands in 942.

In 945 Edmund conquered Strathclyde but gave up the territory of King Malcolm of Scotland in exchange for a treaty of mutual military support after facing much threat.

The revival of monasteries in England began during his reign.

On 26 May 946, King Edmund was murdered by Leofa an exiled thief when attending St Augustine Day mass in Pucklechurch (South Gloucestershire). Leofa, the thief, was killed on the spot by those present in the scene.

Some sources believe and suggest that His Royal Highness, King Edmund I of England was a victim of a political assassination.

So who could have been behind the murder of King Edmund? This question has been left unanswered to present day, and is unlikely to ever be solved.

King Edmund was succeeded to the throne by his brother Eadred who reigned from 946-955. Edmund’s sons later ruled England.

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