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Duke Of Gloucester Meets With Richard III Society Over King’s ‘Dignity’

Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester has met with the Richard III society over how his 15th-century namesake [and title]’s dignity can be preserved. Prince Richard met with  Dr Philip Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society and Philippa Langley, the person who initiated the project to find Richard III’s remains.

Richard III was England’s last King to die in battle in 1485 after Henry VII’s army defeated him. Last year, the University of Leicester finally discovered a location where they thought the corpse of Richard III may lay… a Leicester car park!

After that, tests were done to firstly prove it was Richard III (which was confirmed only last month) and to establish more about one of England’s most interesting Kings.

Now, Prince Richard has met with these people at Kensington Palace where he discussed how Richard III’s dignity could be preserved and where burial was likely to be. Leicester cathedral is the most likely one, yet York have a claim staked too.

“It is up to the University of Leicester, whose archaeologists found the remains, what happens to them now, but the Duke is keen to ensure that they are treated with the utmost dignity,” a courtier told the Telegraph newspaper.

Before he became King, Richard III also had the name and held the title of ‘Richard, Duke of Gloucester’, just like the current Duke.

Photo credit: Ullswater Community College

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