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Swedish royals attend seminar on 200 years of the Bernadotte dynasty

Yesterday, the 5th of February marked 200 years of the Bernadottes reigning over Sweden. It was on that day in 1818 that King Karl XIII of Sweden died and Karl XIV Johan became King of Sweden – the latter being the first Bernadotte on the throne.

On this occasion, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended a seminar on the 200 years of the Bernadotte dynasty at Stockholm’s Royal Palace. The seminar titled “Ätten Bernadotte 200 år på Sveriges” was arranged by Kungl. Collections. Aside from the Royal Family, the 300 member audience included members of the government, academics and other organisations.

The outgoing Marshall of the Realm, Svante Lindqvist, spoke during the afternoon session about Jean Baptiste Bernadotte – the future King Karl XIV Johan – who was initially a member of the French military who fought in the Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolution Wars.

The arts, culture and humanities of the Bernadottes were also a topic of discussion including the construction of buildings like Oslo’s Royal Palace and Solliden Palace in Sweden (the Bernadottes formally ruled over Norway, as well).

Acting palace librarian, Arvid Jakobsson spoke about the famous Bernadotte library while holds close to 100,000 books belonging to the Bernadotte family. Photographs, musicals, maps, lithographs are also present in the library.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria. Photo: Thron_Ullberg/Royal Court, Sweden

The seminar continued with an array of other Bernadotte related topics including their time in war, politics, religion, etc. The King closed the seminar saying, “The Kingdom Hall, yes the entire Royal Palace, is a historic place. We are often reminded that we have the privilege of having the palace as a workplace. And not least today, when we pay attention to the change of faith that took place just 200 years ago when Crown Prince Karl Johan became King Karl XIV Johan.

“My wish is that the palace should also be a living place; a place for conversation. A link between our history and our present. I dare to believe that it would also have been my ancestor, Karl XIV Johan’s wish.”

A reception was then held in the Bernadotte Gallery.

HM King Carl XVI Gustaf, HRH Crown Princess Victoria and HRH Princess Estelle Photo: Thron_Ullberg/Royal Court, Sweden

Additionally, in celebration of the 200 years, the Royal Court released two new images of the King with Sweden’s next two monarchs – his daughter Crown Princess Victoria and granddaughter Princess Estelle. They were taken on the day of the Nobel ceremonies in Stockholm last December by Thron Ullberg.

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