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Swedish Royal Family featured in Året Med Kungafamiljen

As is tradition, Swedish channel SVT features the Swedish Royal Family on a television programme which goes over various events the family attends over the course of the previous year. Året Med Kungafamiljen 2016 premiered on 28 December in Sweden.

The 58-minute programme begins with clips from the family’s summer photocall and then quickly moves on to the room where King Carl XVI Gustaf holds his meetings. On one of the tables, there is a photograph of some of the reigning monarchs around the world. This is the same room where King Carl XVI Gustaf and the future Queen Silvia announced their engagement and gave their interview. Clips from that day were shown on the show this year, as well as from their 19 June 1976 wedding.

It was announced in June that the royal wedding dresses of Queen Silvia, Princess Lilian, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, and Princess Sofia would go on display at the Royal Palace of Stockholm in an exclusive exhibit. The SVT programme shows Their Majesties touring the exhibit, which began its run on 18 October 2016 and will continue through 12 March 2017.

Silvia spoke about the day before her wedding when her husband gave her the Order of the Seraphim, and she gave up her German passport. Her Majesty described that day as a milestone in her life. She then revealed her nerves at the ceremony itself – especially when she had to say the King’s full name. She explained that she kept saying over to herself, “Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus.”

Her Majesty then said that her three children and five grandchildren were “a gift.”

The programme also featured excerpts from the King’s 70th birthday celebrations in April where royals from various royal families across the world travelled to Sweden to celebrate.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s trip to Älvdalen was included, as was the King and Queen’s trips to Bhutan and Germany. Furthermore, the King was shown in Mexico and Japan.

Viewers got to see and hear from Prince Daniel in Jordbro where he participated in some taekwondo. He and the Crown Princess are advocates for healthy living and keeping people active.

Victoria also spoke about the birth of her son Oscar and her nephew, Alexander in an interview at her home, Haga Palace. She was quoted as saying:

“This year has been tumultuous since we have a new family member – little Oscar! It’s a great gift to a small child so close, to see his development. It’s great fun! To have a son and the ability to give Estelle a sibling, it feels incredibly good.”

She then talked about Estelle as a big sister, “She’s a good big sister. She is incredibly warm and inclusive. She has a lot of patience, so she’s a very good big sister.”

The Crown Princess then also took the time to mention her youngest nephew, Alexander, “Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia had a young son. He is really wonderful, little Alexander.”

Clips from both Oscar and Alexander’s christenings were then shown.

A passionate advocate of environmentalism, Her Royal Highness made sure to discuss the environment by highlighting the Baltic Sea, which she called “complex” and “beautiful.”

She explained about her childhood fishing in the Baltic Sea, “When I was little we fished a lot outside Öland, Kalmar particular. There are other fishes that you get up today if you even get to the fish, sometimes there are not enough. Then we have the mucilage that most people who try to swim in the sea in summer suffer. You realise that you can not swim or it does not look particularly fun out. ”

She’s also making sure to talk to Estelle about the environment. She said, “Our daughter Estelle is four, but we go and talk to her about it. The fish is not good, that we fish in a way that is not sustainable. We talk a lot about dead zones and anoxic bottoms. The fact that ten of the world’s marine dead zones, as are seven of the Baltic Sea.”

Princess Madeleine, Princess Leonore, and Christopher O’Neill were featured from their trip to Gotland. It was the first trip for two-year-old Leonore to her duchy. The little princess got to meet Heidi the horse who was a christening present for her from Gotland. Princess Madeleine told the media that day, “[Leonore] is very curious about Heidi, who looks amazing!”

Madeleine was happy to show Gotland, which she called a “special island”, to Chris. Chris told the media, about the area, “It’s so beautiful. It’s hard not to see that.” He and Madeleine said they look “forward to more visits to come.”

The show then travels with Queen Silvia to the celebration for 20 years of the Silvia Foundation for those suffering from dementia. Her Majesty says her thoughts always go back to her own mother, who was diagnosed with dementia at 83. Her sister-in-law, Princess Christina also attended the celebrations.

At the end, clips are shown from the visit of Pope Francis to Lund to meet Their Majesties, and then they show Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, and Princess Madeleine at the wedding dress exhibit the day before it opened. Princess Madeleine was due to attend, but she came down with the stomach flu the evening before. Finally, clips are shown from the Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet in Stockholm.

You can watch the programme here.

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