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Swedish princes to attend preschool

The Swedish Royal Court recently made an announcement concerning Prince Oscar, Prince Alexander and Prince Nicolas. The little boys will be attending preschool.

Just a week after Princess Leonore attended her first few days at a Swedish preschool in Stockholm, the Royal Court has announced that her brother Prince Nicolas (2) and her cousins Prince Oscar (1) and Prince Alexander (1) will start preschool in the fall, as well.

Prince Nicolas will start preschool in London. (P: Kate Gabor,

No details have been given on where the boys will start preschool, although Prince Nicolas is likely to start in London when his family turns back home in October. Princess Leonore will also start preschool in London at the same time and probably at the same school. Both Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas will go to preschool in Stockholm and London, depending on where the family is staying.

Princess Estelle (5) goes to preschool at Äventyret Preschool in Danderyd Municipality, Stockholm. Her brother Prince Oscar (1) is likely to go to the same school. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel chose the school because of their attention to nature and outdoor life.

Prince Oscar is ready to start preschool soon. (P:

The preschool where Prince Alexander will go to is harder to guess. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia moved to Villa Solbacken at Djurgården, Stockholm not too long ago. They will probably choose a preschool close to their home.

In Sweden, it is normal for children to attend förskola (preschool) from the age of one. It is a combination of preschool and day care. Until the age of five, children in Sweden attend preschool. It is not mandatory for children to go to school under the age of six.

The Swedish Royal Court has asked the media to show some consideration to the children in a private context. The Royal Family attaches great importance to their children’s privacy and safety. It will not only contribute to a safer environment for their own children but also for their peers at school and their families.

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