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Queen Silvia of Sweden praises Princess Madeleine’s work with World Childhood Foundation

Queen Silvia was in Munich on Thursday to accept the Bayerischer Stifterpreis (Bavarian Donation Prize), a grant of £25,000 for the World Childhood Foundation, when she took the time to praise the efforts of her youngest daughter, Princess Madeleine, for her work with Childhood.

“I, as a mother, am very happy and proud that she has this commitment.”

“She lives abroad, after all,” the Queen told reporters, “But we still have close contact, of course.”

Queen Silvia revealed that the two are in constant contact discussing Childhood and the work the foundation does.

Princess Madeleine has been involved in Childhood for several years now, and moved to New York City in 2010 to work as a projects manager in the U.S. office.

Through her work at Childhood, she spearheaded the ThankYou and #EyesWideOpen initiatives.

The ThankYou initiative allows users to send a song as a thank you to someone who made their childhoods special, and for each song sent, the Carlson Family Foundation sends a $5 donation to one of Childhood’s projects around the world. Over 6,200 songs have been dedicated, with $31,045 donated to Childhood projects.

The #EyesWideOpen initiative works to “mobilize people to take action in addressing the global challenge of child sexual abuse.”

Users upload a picture of their eye to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #EyesWideOpen hashtag, and then use the adult toolkit to educate themselves on how to protect vulnerable children.

Queen Silvia founded the World Childhood Foundation in 1999, to help protect young people from sexual abuse and those who have already been abused.

Per Childhood’s official website, “All children have a right to a childhood, to safety, happiness, playfulness, and curiosity in life. All children have the right to grow up and develop socially and intellectually.”

Childhood supports and implements over 100 projects in 17 countries that focus on prevention, intervention and education. Since its founding, it has raised over $60 million for various projects around the world.

Childhood has offices in Stockholm, New York City, Munich, Berlin, and São Paolo.

Despite Queen Silvia’s effusive praise for her daughter, she is also getting recognition for her work with Childhood.

Hubert Thaler, who sits on the volunteer board of the Werner Reichenberger Foundation, the organisation that grants the Bayerischer Stifterpreis, spoke with Süddeutsche Zeitung, a Bavarian daily newspaper, about this year’s winner.

“Queen Silvia is a model, and we need more donors who think and act like the Queen.”

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