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Queen Silvia in Abu Dhabi

Yesterday, Her Majesty Queen Silvia ended a two-day long visit to Abu Dhabi. Queen Silvia has, these two days, attended the conference Fatima bint Mubarak Motherhood and Childhood Forum. This conference focuses on children’s creativity and innovation and how the children’s family and school can help to encourage children to develop their creative abilities.

The Queen opened the conference with a good speech where she highlighted education and how important it is that all children are given the opportunity to have an education. The Queen said in her speech that education could help to end the vicious circle of poverty and discrimination. Queen Silvia also devoted a large thank you to the World Childhood Foundation which works to ensure that children have a safe childhood. The World Childhood Foundation was founded by Queen Silvia in 1999. Over 200 scientists and representatives from various organisations attended the conference; this also included a delegation from the United Nations.

The Queen said: I believe we can all unite around education and embrace this as a core theme of today. Education is the most hopeful, powerful vehicle for positive change. With education, vicious circles of poverty and discrimination can be broken, and sustainable development can be assured.

The Queen had a clear call for what she believed should be pursued in the years ahead. The Queen said in her speech: Last year, 2015 world leaders at the United Nations agreed on the sustainable development goals for 2030. To reach these goals, everyone needs to play their part. Children play a central role in the agenda. Many of the goals are directly related to children, their wellbeing, and development. I look forward to discussing here, today, new ideas and solutions for children as much as with the children.

During the visit to Abu Dhabi, Her Majesty also attended a dinner and several meetings with her own organisation for children. Global Child Forum was established in 2009 by Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustav and works to support children’s rights worldwide. Queen Silvia will take on a new foreign visit this week, as well. Tomorrow, the Queen begins a two-day long visit to the Vatican where both a conference on drug problems and the opening of a new art exhibition is on the Queen’s schedule.

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