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Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine to attend 2017 Childhood Thank You Gala

On the 2nd of October, Her Majesty Queen Silvia and Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden will be in New York City for the 2017 Childhood Thank You Gala.

The gala is due to take place at Cipriani 25 Broadway on that Monday evening. Melinda Gates and Monika Heimbold will be honoured during the dinner due to both women exemplifying “dedicated service to advancing children’s rights.”

Invitations were sent out last month where people could purchase tables or tickets ranging from $1000 for a seat to $100,000 for a table. The proceeds go to support the programmes of Childhood USA.

The President and CEO of the World Childhood Foundation USA said in a letter sent out to the invitees, “We all believe that every child deserves a healthy and happy childhood free from violence, abuse and exploitation. However, in the US alone, at least 1 in 10 children are sexually abused before the age of 18.

“This is why Childhood USA invests in innovative programs to prevent child abuse and supports survivors of abuse. In the past year, we funded programs that benefitted 73,000 clients, directly or indirectly.”

The invitation also spoke about the Eyes Wide Open campaign that Princess Madeleine has been heavily involved in saying, “Our Eyes Wide Open advocacy platform helps to raise awareness about the hidden epidemic of child sexual abuse and provides adults with the tools and resources to identify, prevent and protect children from abuse.”

Queen Silvia created the World Childhood Foundation in 1999. It has offices in Sweden, Brazil, Germany and the United States, and it is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It supports and implements over 100 projects across the globe. The organisation has said that its goal is “that no child should be exposed to a violent or damaging environment, but instead have the opportunity to grow up with memories of a safe and loving childhood.”

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