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Princess Madeleine inaugurates “Room for Children”

This morning at 11 o’clock Princess Madeleine arrived at the Southbank Centre in London to undertake her first official engagement of the year. The Princess inaugurated the “Room for Children” – a library room for children.

Princess Madeleine was asked to officially open the “Room for Children” as part of the festival “Nordic Matters” that continues throughout 2017. It was Princess Madeleine’s first official engagement in London since she moved to the city after the birth of Prince Nicolas. After the inauguration ceremony, Princess Madeleine sat down and took the time to talk to children aged ten about books and reading. The “Room for Children” is filled with literature from the Nordic countries and is designed from a children’s perspective. For example, books are categorised by themes like “animals” or figures. “In this way, children can easily find the books they want. It offers a course in a completely different way of being in a library, I think. It was great to see, they had done it very well.” said Princess Madeleine about the special categorization of books.

Princess Madeleine opening the “Room for Children” at the Southbank Centre in London. (Photo: Princess Madeleine via her official Facebook)

The 2017 festival “Nordic Matters” is organised by the cultural centre Southbank Centre. During the year, the Nordic art, music, design, literature, performing arts and ideas are being presented. As part of the festival, the children’s library “Room for Children” has been founded. The children’s library is based on an educational model developed by Room for Children of the Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle have already visited the Room for Children in Stockholm.

Despite some rumours, Princess Madeleine didn’t bring her children, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas, along on her trip to the library. Princess Madeleine did tell Expressen:  “Previously, Leonore did not really have the patience, but now we read more and more books, which is great fun. It is a cosy moment you have together. There will, of course, be Pippi in the beginning, but it has been mostly picture books until now.”

Princess Madeleine also revealed that although Princess Leonore is not a bookworm, her younger brother Prince Nicolas is. The Princess said to Expressen: “He has always loved books! So when you can not find him, then he’s sitting with a little book himself, up and down, like he was trying to look into it. It’s very fun, so he will probably be a bookworm!”

Princess Madeleine opening the “Room for Children” at the Southbank Centre in London. (Photo: Princess Madeleine via her official Facebook)

After her visit to “Room for Children,” Princess Madeleine said: “It was great to be here today. Above all, I thought it was so funny to see how they have created the children’s library after a Swedish model, like the Swedish Institute and Culture has developed.” Princess Madeleine also shared pictures of her experiences today on her Facebook page and added, “I had so much fun today opening the “Room for Children” at the Southbank Centre in London.”

So far, Princess Madeleine has no further official engagements scheduled.

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