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Princess Christina of Sweden to undergo stem cell transplant

It was announced by the Swedish Royal Court this morning that Princess Christina will undergo a stem cell transplant.

In a press release, the Royal Court said, “Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson has, since October, been treated for blood cancer with regular chemotherapy. The treatment has gone well. But the Princess’s blood cancer cannot be cured with this treatment because it occurred in bone marrow stem cells that are resistant to chemotherapy.

“In consultation with the family and doctors, the Princess has decided to undergo a stem cell transplant.”

They added that Princess Christina, her husband and sons, and the entire Swedish Royal Family would be focusing on the treatment.

It was announced in October that she had been diagnosed with chronic leukaemia. At the time, they said she felt “relatively good” and would scale back her royal duties. However, they added that she would fulfil her commitments when her health allowed. The Court asked that she, who is the youngest of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s older sisters, be able to undergo her treatment in peace.

Not surprisingly, the Royal Family was devastated. Prince Daniel said, “It’s incredibly sad, and for all who have been affected by a disease itself or of a loved one then you know that it is incredibly heavy and hard. We’ll keep our fingers crossed as we can for her to be healthy.”

Queen Silvia also said that Christina’s battle with the disease was not easy and stressed how important it was for her to slow down. Princess Brigitta, one of Christina’s older sisters, spoke about Princess Christina’s diagnosis, saying “I’ve known about this a long time and it’s clear that it’s terrible.”

Christina even talked about the diagnosis in January. Then, she remarked that the support she has received from her family has been very important. She said, “I get the support of my immediate family, of course. It feels good. I also get support from friends and from many others I do not even know about.”

In reference to all the support she has received from around the world, she said, “It warms the heart, and it feels wonderful. I need it.”

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