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Princess Christina of Sweden “feels good” after cancer treatments

Princess Christina of Sweden, Mrs Magnuson “feels good” after undergoing cancer treatments, reports Swedish news, Expressen.

The Swedish Royal Court Director of Information and Press Department Margareta Thorgren said, “The treatments have gone as planned. And, as expected with the circumstances, the Princess feels good.”

Those who are around Christina have said that the Princess is much happier now and sees a bright future ahead of her. While she is still undergoing some treatments, her health is improving, and she is feeling better.

The Princess has even been able to go out in public more after remaining isolated after the stem cell transplant. She has been able to spend time with friends and family more recently and also attended the 70th birthday of H&M President Stefan Persson last week.

It was just over a year ago that the Swedish Royal Court announced that King Carl XVI Gustaf’s youngest older sister was suffering from chronic leukaemia. She underwent treatments in the autumn of 2016. At the time, the Swedish Royal Court said that she was feeling “relatively good.” It was stated that the then 73-year-old would scale back her royal duties during her treatment but would fulfil her commitments when her health allowed. They also asked that she be able to undergo her chemotherapy in peace.

However, the treatments were unsuccessful, and the Princess ended up having a stem cell transplant due to the cancer being in bone marrow stem cells that are resistant to chemotherapy. It was announced in May that the operation had been successful. She remained at home during her recuperation as the immune system is considerably weakened after such a procedure, and as a result, doctors commonly advise patients stay isolated while they heal.

Christina was born on 3 August 1943 at Haga Palace in Solna, Sweden.

She married Tord Magnuson in 1974 at the Royal Chapel at Stockholm Palace. They have three sons: Gustaf, Oscar, and Victor. She lost her style of Her Royal Highness upon marriage due to the Swedish constitution at the time. The constitution stipulated that a Swedish princess could not marry someone of unequal rank, and if they did, they would lose their status as a Royal Highness and succession to the throne for them and their descendants.

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