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Princess Christina of Sweden diagnosed with chronic leukaemia

The Swedish Royal Court announced today that Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson has chronic leukemia.

Princess Christina will undergo treatments this autumn but is feeling “relatively good”, according to the Court. The 73-year-old will scale back her royal duties during her treatment but will fulfill her commitments when her health allows.

They have requested that the Princess will be allowed to undergo her treatment, which began this week, in peace.

According to the American Cancer Society, chronic leukemia is “a type of cancer that starts from cells that become certain white blood cells in the bone marrow.” It begins in the bone marrow and then goes into the blood. With chronic leukemia, the patient may not show symptoms for a few years.

Prince Daniel told Expressen today, “It’s incredibly sad, and for all who have been affected by a disease itself or of a loved one then you know that it is incredibly heavy and hard. We’ll keep our fingers crossed as we can for her to be healthy.”

In 2010, Christina announced that she had undergone treatment for breast cancer – including three surgeries – and had beaten the disease. After defeating breast cancer, Christina devoted much of her time to bringing attention to cancer issues.

Princess Christina is the youngest of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s four older sisters. She was born on 3 August 1943 at Haga Palace in Solna, Sweden.

She married Tord Magnuson in 1974 at the Royal Chapel at Stockholm Palace. They have three sons: Gustaf, Oscar, and Victor. She lost her style of Her Royal Highness upon marriage due to the Swedish constitution at the time. The constitution stipulated that a Swedish princess could not marry someone of unequal rank, and if they did, they would lose their status as a Royal Highness and succession to the throne for them and their descendants.

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