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Prince Daniel gets help from Stephen Hawking to encourage physical activity

His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden, the husband of Crown Princess Victoria, has gotten unexpected help from the British physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking in a campaign to encourage people to increase physical activity and prevent the population getting lifestyle diseases that come from lack of activity.

In a press release, Prince Daniel says that the world is going in the wrong direction. The Prince believes that we must begin to take the problems seriously and begin to increase our physical activity. The Prince refers to a study that says that two out of three four-year-old children are sitting too much and that Sweden is one of the worst countries in Europe in terms of inactive children and youth.

Stephen Hawking, who is confined to a wheelchair because of ALS, is now also highlighting this issue. In a new commercial film, Hawking says that he fears inactivity may result in the world’s biggest health issue. “Fortunately, the solution is simple,” says Hawking. He believes that by eating healthier foods and doing some activity every day, the problem would be solved. You can see the whole film at the bottom of this article.

Prince Daniel launches Photo: Marietakako via Wikimedia Commons.

Prince Daniel launches Generation Pep this summer. Photo: Marietakako via Wikimedia Commons.

The film Hawking participated in is made by Generation Pep. Generation Pep is a new Swedish organisation which was launched earlier this year. They are working to increase the focus on children’s health and to find solutions to the issues surrounding children’s health problems. The Project Manager for Generation Pep, Carolina Klüft, says she found it touching that Hawking, as he cannot move himself, is highlighting how important it actually is that those who can move do so.

Generation Pep was launched by Prince Daniel on 6 July this year. Prince Daniel, the Generation Pep’s founder, has always been very concerned about health. His Royal Highness is himself educated as a personal trainer and runs a company that owns two gyms in central Stockholm.

Learn more about the organisation here.

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