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Prince Carl Phillip visits DICE and Electronic Arts

Prince Carl Philip visited the DICE Headquarters this week and could appreciate the work that they do with part of his working life and part of his hobbies. DICE or Digital Illusion CE are a game development studio, and part of Electronic Arts (EA) a global electronic games company. The Prince said “

DICE or Digital Illusion CE is a game development studio, and part of Electronic Arts (EA), a global electronic games company. The Prince said “It’s fascinating what you can do. It’s almost hard to know if you are in reality or in the game DICE is a brilliant example of creativity and is a great opportunity to show what we are good at. It is a Swedish, but also an internationally large company. Most people have taken part in game DICE has created”.

As the Prince said DICE is both Swedish and international, the company has offices in both Stockholm and Los Angeles and produces digital games that are enjoyed the world over such as the “Battlefront” franchise. The Prince who is a keen and accomplished graphic designer assisted staff with photographing human movement as part of a “Star Wars” video game. In addition to this, he also enjoyed himself with race car simulators. Prince Carl Philip holds a competitor’s licence and has competed in the Scandinavian Porsche Carrera Cup, and more recently the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship. One wonders if he may be tempted to pay some private visits to “practice” on some of the tracks, then he may add to his race victory in Falkenberg in 2015.

The Prince is the middle child of King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden and is married with currently one child, Prince Alexander. He and his wife, Princess Sofia, are expecting a second child in September, Royal Central will, of course, keep you up to date on any news of a new arrival. Fourth in line to the Swedish throne, he holds the title of Duke of Värmland; this is in the west of Sweden, bordering on Norway. With its scenery of mountains and lakes it is considered to be one of most picturesque in Sweden and has inspired many painters through the ages.

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