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Prince Carl Philip to travel to Hong Kong

On 5 December, His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip of Sweden will travel to Hong Kong together with two corporate delegations with a mission of promoting Swedish business and interests in the areas of design and education.

The first corporate delegation joining His Royal Highness consists of representatives of Swedish companies participating in the Hong Kong Business of Design Week (BODW). BODW is Asia’s largest annual recurring design event and includes exhibitions, seminars and educational collaborations focusing on design and creativity. Sweden has been a partner country at BODW on two occasions, most recently in 2014.

The second corporate delegation will be composed of representatives of Swedish companies in the new industry organisation Swedish EdTech Industry (EdTech), which focuses on the possibilities and effects of digitisation in the education system.

The three-day visit will see the Swedish Prince undertake a number of engagements, beginning on Tuesday, 5 December with a briefing from Consulate General Helena Storm. Ms Storm will give Carl Philip an overview of Hong Kong, its history and Sweden’s interests and historical relationship with the region. The briefing will be followed by an evening reception at the Swedish residence which will be attended by representatives of both the BODW and EdTech delegations.

The second day of the visit will see Prince Carl Philip meet with Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China as well as several representatives from Swedish and international companies working in Hong Kong. The Prince will then tour a school run by the English Schools Foundation – the largest foundation offering international education in Hong Kong – and attend a lunch hosted by the Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development, Edward Yau.

From the lunch, the Prince will receive a tour of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, including the Karolinska Institute’s Ming Wai Lau Center for Reparative Medicine and the Gold Peak Design Center. The day will end with a gala dinner organised by the Swedish Consulate General and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. Prince Carl Philip will be joined at the event by his aunt, Princess Birgitta, who will attend in her capacity as protector of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden. Invited guests will include Chief Executive Carrie Lam, representatives of the business community in Hong Kong and members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

The final day of the visit will begin with the official opening of the Swedish pavilion at BODW and a tour of the Prince Philip Vocational Training Center (VTC), is the largest government institute in Hong Kong offering vocational training and internship in the restaurant and hotel industry. A lunch will be served during the visit with a theme of from land to table.

The afternoon will see the Prince attend the opening of the “Swedish Dads” photo exhibition at a well-known department store. Based on photographer Johan Bävman’s photographs of dads who are at home with their children, the exhibit focuses on fatherhood and the common pursuit and identity in this, regardless of the conditions and nationality. From the exhibition, Prince Carl Philip will take the Mid-Level Escalator (the world’s longest outdoor rolling staircase) which connects Hong Kong Island’s central and western districts with the SoHo and Mid-Levels districts. He will ascend to Victoria Peak to take in the views from Hong Kong’s highest point.

Once back at sea level the Prince will attend a seminar on design and creativity at METTA, which will be conducted in collaboration with the Consulate General, the Chamber of Commerce Creative Swedes and Business Sweden. This will be followed in the evening by a dinner at Baker House which will be attended by the EdTech delegation and official representatives from Hong Kong’s government and universities.

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