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Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia visit World Anti-Bullying Forum

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have opened the very first World Anti-Bullying Forum in Solna, Sweden, on Monday.

The Prince Couple arrived in Solna on Monday morning to open the first World Anti-Bullying Forum. The pair gave a speech and talked about their foundation “Prince Couple Foundation” which works against cyber bullying and dyslexia. The Prince Couple Foundation has the aim to spread the word that diversity is not a bad thing, but rather an asset. Carl Philip and Sofia had talked about how adults are role models and that if we want to change the way young people treat each other, adults must give the right example. Adults should take their responsibilities to show how to treat individuals in the right way. The Prince and Princess ended their visit to the Forum by joining a roundtable conversation on bullying at the Quality Hotel Friends in Solna.

The World Anti-Bullying Forum is a gathering place for both scientific and practical experience. It is the world’s largest event for children’s vulnerability to abuse, harassment and violence. The Forum takes place from 7-9 May and includes several lectures, scientific panels, workshops and seminars.

After their visit, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia talked to Svenskdam about their fight against bullying. The pair explained that they feel like they can make a difference. Princess Sofia said: “Bullying affects many, and we want to be a part of to illustrate this problem, for it is not only those who are affected in concrete terms but also all of us who are around that can make a difference. We want to be good role models.” Prince Carl Philip added: “Together we can do something in every case.”

The Prince Couple is also determined to talk about bullying with their son Prince Alexander and his future younger brother or sister. Prince Carl Philip said: “I think that as a parent you have to try to talk with your children in a good way. We try to show good morals and ethics and that it also applies in the digital world. In the world of youth, there is no difference between online and offline. Everything is life, and then you have to discuss and deal with the world as well.”

Just like every other parent, the couple is also concerned about their children possibly being bullied one day. Both Carl Philip and Sofia were bullied when they were younger. Princess Sofia said: “One wants to protect her child against all evil in the world. Bullying is so widespread; there are so many victims, so definitely there are concerns about it. But we must also know that the world is not always rosy, but everyone will have their problems, and everyone will encounter problems in and out of school. Then it is extremely important that we are as strong parents aside and raise our children to individuals who feel they have a safety net and that they can always be themselves.”

There is still a long way to go, but the Prince and Princess are determined to continue their fight.

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