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Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden take a stand against bullying

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden have written a blog post on their foundation’s website against bullying. The Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation (Prins Carl Philip och Prinsessan Sofias Stiftelse) was founded shortly after their wedding in June 2015. It focuses on children and young people and is funded by voluntary donations.

Their blog post, “All children deserve to believe in their own value” reads in full:

“We are proud to dedicate this blog to draw attention to bullying and all those affected by bullying. Mainly we will focus on online hate speech and living with dyslexia, substances that are close to both of us. The blog will feature guest bloggers, and articles that we think are important. A warm welcome to our Foundation!

Subjecting a person to bullying is horrible and to expose a child to bullying is terrible. Words hurt not only for the moment and kind of do not only hurt for a moment. Bullying gives wounds that for many will last a lifetime. We can not understand what all go or have gone through, but we have both experienced online hate speech. It has given us an understanding, and an incentive to work with the issues and a willingness to help others. Hate feels no matter who you are and as new parents feel it is more important than ever for us.

Every day, young kids around Sweden a lot worse things than what we have experienced. Witty wisecracks, beaten and exclusion becomes, in time, a backpack that can crack the strongest of backs anytime. Instead of living happy, children playing are relegated to the corner of the schoolyard, without faith in themselves and without trust in society or the adults around them.

It should not be so, and it’s not good enough just to call for someone to do something. The responsibility is ours together, every day, for every child. It is our duty as adults to talk with our children, but also to be good examples. Therefore, we are starting the Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation, in order to strengthen the good conversation, reinforce positive images and to enhance all children, both those who are bullied, those who bully and those who stand passively on the sidelines. A good society is built on good citizens. And the good citizens come from strong self-esteem and belief in their own worth. No child deserves less than that.”

Their Royal Highnesses will continue to blog about the issues meaningful to them, alongside guest contributors to the website. Bullying and dyslexia are important to the couple. Both have been subjected to online bullying, and Prince Carl Philip has long suffered from dyslexia.

If you wish to donate to the Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation, you can do so here.

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