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New train to be named after Princess Estelle

A new train will be named after Crown Princess Victoria’s daughter Princess Estelle. The name was chosen by the readers of the newspaper Metro Sweden.

The Swedish public transport company ordered four new MTR Express trains. MTR Express asked the readers of the Swedish free newspaper Metro to name the new trains. Metro has new published the results. The trains will be named Glenn (departing from Göteborg), after the former soccer player Glenn Hysén, and Estelle (departing from Stockholm), after the second in line to the throne. The brand new trains will drive between Stockholm and Göteborg. The other two trains have yet to be named.

In a press release MTR stressed that although the new train will be named after Princess Estelle, the name of the train will be Estelle without any titles or last name. This way every Estelle will have her own private train.

The court hasn’t officially announced anything yet but it is expected that the 5-year old Estelle will attend the inauguration of “her” train at the Stockholm Central Station in the autumn later this year. She will be joined by her parents. This will be the second official engagement in honour of Princess Estelle. Previously Princess Estelle visited her duchy Östergötland with her parents. The little Estelle is not a stranger to the public as she regularly joins her parents for the National Day, her mother’s birthday celebrations, her mother’s name day, the King’s birthday,…

Even though the Swedish Royal family usually travels by private cars and jets, the young Estelle has been seen taking the public transport more than once. On Instagram a couple of pictures were posted of Princess Estelle alongside her father Prince Daniel taking the tunnelbana (Swedish metro) and a public plane. Maybe Princess Estelle will be taking her “own” train in the future when she travels to Göteborg?

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