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More of Crown Princess Victoria’s hikes through Sweden announced

The Swedish Royal Court has announced the places and dates in Sweden which Crown Princess Victoria will be visiting this spring. The visits will be part of her continuous tour of walks through the landscapes in Sweden.

In the Autumn of 2017, Crown Princess Victoria started her walking tour through the Swedish landscape. Her journey began in September 2017 with a walk through Västergötland, the duchy of the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel. So far the Crown Princess has also hiked through Värmland, Östergötland and Västerbotten. The whole tour of Sweden is expected to last a few years. Now the Royal Court has announced the walks Crown Princess Victoria will undertake this spring.

On the 13th of April Victoria will hike in Blekinge followed by walks in Narke (20th of April) and Lapland (25th of April). In May, the Crown Princess will also hike in Gotland, the duchy of her niece, Princess Leonore. Her next walk will also be on familiar terrain as she walks in Öland where the Swedish Royal Family spend their summer holidays. Then she’ll walk in Bohuslän (24th of May) and Småland (25th of May). Her last walk of the season will take place in Skåne on the 12th of June. Skåne is her son, Prince Oscar’s duchy.

The Crown Princess in Värmland. Photo: Raphael Stecksén,

With these hikes, Crown Princess Victoria wants to experience different parts of Sweden during different seasons and to visualise the treasure that the Swedish nature is for all who live and work there. The Crown Princess also wants to increase the value of outdoor life and movement.

On her walks, the Crown Princess is joined by the local population of all ages. It is the local community that co-decides on which tour the Crown Princess and her entourage will make. It is also a way for Victoria to meet Swedes from all over the country and from all walks of life.

The Swedish Royal Court added that more hikes could be added to the calendar for this spring.

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