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King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden begins his visit to the United States

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden initiates a long visit to the United States today. The King has a total of five days of official duties in different places in the country. The King is in the US as part of the Royal Technology Mission (RTM). The RTM is an international delegation trip with a focus on technology, science and industry. Last year, the delegation went to Japan, and this year, it crosses the Atlantic to the United States.

King Carl XVI Gustaf has a very busy schedule. His Majesty will attend meetings together with the delegation in New York today and tomorrow. They will visit IBM, Google, JP Morgan Bank, NASDAQ stock exchange and the New York Academy of Sciences. The delegation will then travel on to the nation’s capital of Washington DC where stops are planned on Capitol Hill and NASA. The delegation will also stay in Washington on Thursday before travelling to Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday where the meetings will end on Saturday. The time in Boston will see the delegation visit Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, Akamai, Masschallenge and AstraZeneca.

This past Saturday, his birthday was celebrated with glory and splendour in Stockholm, and two days after returning from the United States, the King will assume new duties at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. Photo: Peter Knutson/Royal Court, Sweden

The Swedish royal couple has been in the United States many times. In 2013, the King and Queen visited the United States on an official visit. During this trip, they met with official representatives from the US administration and had dinner with then Vice President Joe Biden. It is unclear whether the Swedish monarch will meet someone from the new Trump administration while in DC. He is due to meet Congressman Randy Hultgren with members of the Royal Technology Mission while in the capital.

It is no secret that the Swedish monarch and President Trump have quite different views on many political issues. During the climate summit in Paris in 2015, King Carl XVI Gustaf was asked what he thought about the many American politicians, including Trump, who believe that there was no climate change and no global warming. The King thought this was absurd and distant to the reality to have that viewpoint.

In addition, His Majesty’s American-British son-in-law, Chris O’Neill, has also criticised the sitting president.

  • UF

    Hope the weather in Boston is nice for the King when he’s here. We’ve had no climate change yet and we’re waiting for it anxiously. It means some global warming.
    King Carl has some interesting views of a lot of things. Must come from having been pampered all his life and being safely tucked away behind high palace walls with constant security.
    He should look out his window at Stockholm. While there’s still a Stockholm to see.
    Climate change is the least of Sweden’s problems.

    • sascha11

      Exactly, I doubt that when he dies, that his daughter Crown Princess Victoria will even come to the Throne. All the newcomer Muslims will have no use for it. Of course all those pesky CROSSES on the Scandinavian Countries will have to come off also.

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