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King Carl XVI Gustaf attends Forest Day Conference

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden attended yesterday “The Forest Day Conference.” The Forest Day is an event created in connection with a series of seminars that will be held in the next three weeks. The seminars are a part of “The Västerbotten Weeks,” a contrivance to draw attention to Västerbotten in northern Sweden. This event has been held annually in the past decade and has gained international attention. The King gave a speech at his visit to the conference, which took place at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

Together with Norway, Finland, Russia and Canada, it amounts to what is called the northern forest belt and has a large forest industry. Therefore, it is essential to have such forums for sharing technology and products with each other to achieve a more productive and sustainable forest management. This was one of the things that the King said he thought was very important. He has also previously devoted much time to cherishing Swedish nature and trying to convince the world to be a more environmentally friendly place. King Carl XVI Gustaf said that he was proud of Sweden’s role as a forest nation. He said in his speech, “In Europe, Sweden has the vast forest land with Västerbotten as the largest forest county in our nation. Sweden has three hectares of forest per capita, while Vasterbotten has as much as 18 hectares of forest per capita.

Picture from the forests in Västerbotten. Photo: Hallstig via Wikimedia Commons.

The King emphasised that the forest industry has its responsibility to kerb climate change. In his speech, the King explained, “The forest is also an important factor when it comes to combating climate change. The forest is a renewable resource that provides opportunities for a major development in the future. What we currently use oil for we can, in the future, use the forest, too. We have gained a lot of useful knowledge about forestry in Sweden today that we know is of great interest for the rest of the world.”

King Carl XVI Gustaf travelled to Vasterbotten last year where he got an introduction to modern forestry. His Majesty said in his speech that he found this “very exciting.”

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