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Danish and Swedish Crown Princely Couples join forces in Stockholm

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark were in Sweden on 29 and 30 May to lead a Danish business delegation to their neighbouring Scandinavian country on the theme of “Livable Scandinavia.” Over 60 Danish companies were involved in the business convention in Stockholm.

While in Sweden, they attended events with their Swedish counterparts, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel. The couples are close friends, and Victoria and Frederik are cousins (King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden is the great grandfather to both). They also attended a lunch at the Royal Palace in Stockholm with the Crown Princess Couple, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.

Sunday evening, the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark arrived on the Danish royal yacht, Dannebrogand they hosted a dinner for Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Prince Carl Philip.

On Monday, their business visit began at Munich Brewery where the Crown Prince of Denmark spoke, and several seminars took place.

The couples outside the Munich Brewery.

Crown Prince Frederik revealed during his speech that he and Mary visit Sweden often. He is the godfather to Victoria and Daniel’s son, Prince Oscar while Mary is the godmother to their daughter, Princess Estelle. Frederik said in his speech, “We have close relatives here in Stockholm and come here often and willingly. We want to signal that Denmark and Sweden have something quite special together.”

The Crown Prince of Denmark also expressed sympathy from the terror attack in the city that took place just last month.

The future monarchs of Denmark and Sweden attended the seminar regarding sustainability while their spouses attended Intelligent Health Care seminars. Both Denmark and Sweden are facing similar challenges in healthcare. Crown Princess Mary and Prince Daniel later opened the Designlounge as well as viewed the Danish designs that were on display.

At Munich Brewery. Photo:

That evening, Frederik, Mary and Daniel were all in the audience when Victoria awarded the Alma Prize at the Eric Ericson Hall on Skeppsholmen island.

Day two began with a visit to Stockholm Water and Waste for Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Victoria. The Swedish Royal Court explained, “The company presented its business and future challenges for the water service industry in Sweden.”

Photo: Kongehuset/Facebook

Meanwhile, Crown Princess Mary and Prince Daniel visited New Karolinska Solna University Hospital to see the children’s monologue, children’s cave and ambulance hall; they also saw the medical therapy used in the hospital.

Later, the ladies travelled to take part in an exhibition at Illum’s Blights while the men were able to visit the headquarters of Spotify. While exiting Illum’s Blights, the alarm sounded. Both ladies laughed while Victoria joked to Mary, “You did not steal anything?” They all then attended a lunch at the Royal Palace in the Swedish capital alongside the Swedish King and Queen, as well as Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.

Lunch at the Royal Palace in Stockholm yesterday. Photo:

After lunch, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Victoria participated in a panel debate on sustainable urbanisation at the Danish architectural firm Arkitema. Crown Princess Mary and Prince Daniel were at Aleri’s elderly home, shown in the video at the top of the article, where they heard about elderly care in Sweden.

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