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Crown Princess Victoria walks through Östergötland

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has taken part in her third walk throughout Sweden – this time in her daughter, Princess Estelle’s duchy of Östergötland. She previously walked through her duchy of Västergötland, alongside her husband Prince Daniel, and the duchy of Västerbotten.

There was hope that five-year-old Estelle would accompany her mother on this 3.5-kilometre walk, but she remained at home with her father, Prince Daniel, and brother, Prince Oscar.

Anders Jörneskog, the municipal ecologist in the Linköping municipality and reserve manager of Tinnerö Nature Reserve, guides Victoria through the landscape. Photo:

The Crown Princess walked through the rolling pasture landscape of the Tinnerö Nature Reserve. The area also contains many ancient remains like settlements and graves from the Iron Age. Her walk began in the northwestern section at Rosenkällasjön. This is an entirely restored lake that underwent restoration work by the Municipality of Linköping; the municipality commissioned the Linköping Bird Club to monitor the bird life around the lake.

Her Royal Highness was guided by Anders Jörneskog, the municipal ecologist in the Linköping municipality and the reserve manager of Tinnerö Nature Reserve. County Governor Elisabeth Nilsson also accompanied the future Queen of Sweden. Students from Brooks School were even with the Crown Princess during part of the walk.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on the Crown Princess’s first walk on 9 September in Västergötland. Photo: Raphael Stecksén, The Royal Court, Sweden

Unlike her first hike in the country in her duchy of Västergötland, the weather was beautiful with no rain. The Crown Princess was able to bike through the last portion of the relatively short 3.5-kilometre journey on the mountain bike track near Fröberget.

Crown Princess Victoria’s plan to through Sweden’s entire landscape was announced in the autumn of this year. The Royal Court has said that these walks will take place over the next several years and the goal of Victoria is “to increase the value of outdoor life and movement in connection with her migration through Sweden.”

The location of her next walk has not yet been announced by the Royal Court.

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