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Crown Princess Victoria unveils new portrait of herself

Yesterday morning, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden unveiled a new portrait of herself at a ceremony in the White Salon at Gripsholm Castle.

Before the unveiling, the Crown Princess said, “This is what I’m doing with terrified delight, for I have not even seen the portrait yet!” She then looked thrilled with the final image after she pulled back the black cover to reveal it to the audience.

The black and white photo, taken by Thron Ullberg, features the future Queen of Sweden standing in Gustav III’s Pavilion at Haga Palace, where she lives with her husband Prince Daniel and two children: Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar.

Ullberg was at Gripsholm Castle for the unveiling and explained how he used a large format camera and traditional negatives. He then worked to digitally process them for the finished image.

Thron Ullberg explains how he took the image. Photo:

The portrait is a gift from the National Museum Friends of the National Portrait Collection on the occasion of Her Royal Highness’s 40th birthday on 14 July. This year Victoria’s birthday was celebrated in July both in Stockholm and on the island of Öland as part of the special two-day Victoriadagen (Victoria Day) celebrations.

This new portrait will be part of the National Portrait Collection which has been housed in Gripsholm Castle since 1822; it is also the oldest national portrait gallery in the world.

While leaving Gripsholm Castle, Victoria refused to comment to Expressen on the revelations that she and Prince Daniel used the private plane for their honeymoon in 2010 that was registered in the tax haven of Bermuda under the name of Bertil Hult, a close friend of the Swedish Royal Family who has been named in the Paradise Papers.

Not surprisingly, the Royal Court’s Director of the Information and Press Department, Margareta Thorgren, told Expressen that the Crown Princess would not be speaking on the matter. 

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