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Crown Princess Victoria says it’s important to explain her trips to her children

In a new interview with Svenskdam while on her four-day trip to Japan, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden explained that she always makes sure to go over her official trips abroad, taken on behalf of the Swedish Royal Family and the Swedish government, to her children.

She and Prince Daniel find it important to explain these trips to their children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, as a way to begin preparing them for their future roles, especially Estelle who will one day be Queen of Sweden. Victoria took inspiration from her own childhood when her parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, would always talk about their experiences with their children.

She explained to Svenskdam’s reporter, Ellen Myrgård Lindén, “I think my parents made it very good and educational. They started very often from their travels and their visits in order to speak about Sweden and also in order to speak about the weight to lead forward with Sweden, Swedish valuations, Swedish research and technology. In this way, it becomes, of course, a natural attitude to what the role of such means but also what you are able to assist with.

Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, and Prince Oscar before Sweden’s National Day in 2016. Photo: Kate Gabor/

She added that five-year-old Princess Estelle knew about her trip, and she took the opportunity to talk about Japan with her daughter ahead of the visit, “Estelle knows that I’m here and [am talking about] fishing, and then we talk about Japan, fisheries, nature and ecology and how things fit together. She is five-years-old, but she’s not too young. On the contrary, she was very interested and receptive. I think we have an obligation as parents and adults to stimulate curiosity.”

The Crown Princess was in Japan for issues regarding her role as an advocate for the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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