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Crown Princess Victoria hikes through brother’s duchy

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has taken part in her fourth walk through the Swedish landscape – this time in her brother Prince Carl Philip’s duchy of Värmland.

Her hike took place on 17 November in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve on a nature and cultural trail beginning at the information centre in Lenungshammar. The Royal Court said Her Royal Highness stopped at the different stations on the trail to take part in “predator invasion, nature parkour and tree planting.”

The Crown Princess planted a pine plant, spoke to Vivi Appelqvist, Chief Executive Officer of the Glaskogen Foundation, as well as participated in various exercises with children – one of which had the future Queen of Sweden doing a backflip with the help of two other adults on the trail and another walking on a tightrope.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Royal Court, Sweden

During the walk, Victoria stated to Svenskdam, “There are so many beautiful places and so much to see and experience. It feels as if it is infinite.”

The Glaskogen Nature Reserve, a hilly and maritime landscape, contains 400 kilometres of hiking trails and canoe routes; hare, fox, moose, deer and lynx are quite common in the area. It was established in 1970.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Royal Court, Sweden

She has previously walked and biked through her duchy of Västergötland, alongside her husband Prince Daniel, the duchy of Västerbotten, and her daughter, Princess Estelle’s duchy of Östergötland. There was hope that five-year-old Estelle would accompany her mother on this 3.5-kilometre walk, but she remained at home with her father, Prince Daniel, and brother, Prince Oscar.

Crown Princess Victoria’s plan to walk through Sweden’s entire landscape was announced in the autumn of this year. The Royal Court has said that these walks will take place over the next several years and the goal of Victoria is “to increase the value of outdoor life and movement in connection with her migration through Sweden.”

Additionally, the varying landscapes are visited “during a day where the Crown Princess walks to experience a part of Sweden’s uniquely accessible and varied nature.” They added that Crown Princess Victoria also “wants to experience different parts of Sweden during different seasons.”

The location for her fifth hike has yet to be announced by the Royal Court.

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