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Crown Princess Victoria celebrates Name Day

Each year on the 12th of March, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrates her Name Day. Traditionally, she celebrates this special occasion with her family and the Swedish people.

Normally the Name Day celebrations take place around noon, but they had to be postponed until three in the afternoon. Crown Princess Victoria’s sister, Princess Madeleine gave birth to a little girl on Friday, and the announcement of the name and title of the newborn, as well as a Te Deum, were to take place around the same time.

Photo: Hendrik Gärlov, Royal Court Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria stepped out with her husband Prince Daniel and daughter Princess Estelle to greet the Swedish people and enjoy some music. The family stepped on the little podium to listen to the Swedish Army Music Choir which performed several marches including Crown Princess Victoria’s Party March which was written especially for the Crown Princess and first performed at her 18th birthday. Then, Victoria was offered several bouquets of flowers by the High Commander and the Honourary Guards.

After the performance, the Crown Princess family stepped closer to the public to shake hands and receive the flowers and gifts the people had brought. The couple’s daughter Princess Estelle seemed very much at ease as she kept smiling and waving to the people and press. She proudly helped her mother by carrying her flowers. She even answered a short question from a Swedish journalist who asked about Princess Estelle’s newborn cousin Princess Adrienne. Six-year-old Estelle said: “It is so much fun.” 

Photo: Hendrik Gärlov, Royal Court Sweden.

Absent this year was Crown Princess Victoria’s two-year-old son, Prince Oscar. It is expected that Prince Oscar was in nursery school or at home with the Crown Princess Family’s nanny. Princess Estelle took a day off nursery school as she also attended the Te Deum in honour of her cousin Princess Adrienne.

In Sweden, not only are birthdays celebrated but also name days. A name day is something like a birthday you celebrate with your namesakes. In Sweden almost every name is celebrated on a certain day of the year. In royal terms, it means that crowds gather in the courtyard of the Royal Palace to see the Crown Princess. It is expected that once Crown Princess Victoria becomes Queen, Princess Estelle will publicly celebrate her name day.

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