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Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle visit marine laboratory

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden took her five-year-old daughter, Princess Estelle to Askö Laboratory in the Trosa Archipelago which is a part of the Baltic Sea Centre of Stockholm University on Friday.

Lena “Tant Tång” Kautsky shows Their Royal Highnesses plants retrieved from the Baltic Sea. Photo:

This laboratory provides researchers with more opportunities to research the sea and marine environment in the lab or directly in the field.

When Their Royal Highnesses arrived, they were welcomed by the Director of the Baltic Sea Centre, Tina Elfwing, who then took them on a walking tour to explain about the research station. The Swedish mother-daughter duo were also able to see plants and animals from the Baltic Sea and meet some of the researchers at the lab.

Princess Estelle stands on the shore while her mother helps pull the net with plants and animals to be researched. Photo:

After their tour, Victoria and Estelle went outside where the Crown Princess waded into the water to pull a shore net while Estelle stood on the shoreline. This type of net is laid in a semicircle and dragged onto the shore. The animals and plants caught are then analysed by the researchers.

The Crown Princess pulling the net to shore with the help of Carl-Magnus Wiltén. Photo:

Victoria is an Advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and goal number 14 is to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.” Additionally, the Crown Princess has participated in the Baltic Sea Conference and Baltic Sea Future in the past. She is known to be passionate about the environment, sustainability and the sea, so it makes sense that she is teaching Estelle young, as she will one-year-old Oscar, to have the same appreciation and passion as she gets older.

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