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Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle accept Christmas trees at Royal Palace

Crown Princess Victoria and her four-year-old daughter, Princess Estelle accepted the seven Christmas trees from the Royal College of Forestry’s student union today at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

14 December 2016, the Royal Palace. Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle received the Christmas trees of students from SLU. Photo: H Garlöv/

Prince Daniel was scheduled to attend, as well, but he was taken off the Royal Court calendar this morning. He is still scheduled to attend, alongside the rest of the family except his brother-in-law Christopher O’Neill, the Christmas service this evening in the Royal Chapel of Stockholm Palace.

Royal Central has reached out to the Royal Court regarding Daniel’s absence. We were told he had prior commitments that morning but did attend the Christmas service in the evening.

This is not the first time Princess Estelle has accompanied her mother to the presentation of the trees. She first participated with her mother in 2013 when she was just one-year-old, and then again in 2014.

Each year, the Swedish Royal Family accepts Christmas trees from students in the forestry programme at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Since the late 1960s, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has presented the Royal Family with the trees at the palace in the Swedish capital.

According to the Swedish Royal Court, “The ‘king fir Christmas tree’ have received its name from this tradition, it was earlier called Nordmann fir.”

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle received the Christmas trees of students from SLU, 14 December 2016. Photo: H Garlöv/

Other members of the Royal Family have accepted the trees in the past. Just last year, the newlyweds, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia were there for the presentation.

Since 2013, The Crown Princess Family has released a special Christmas video in mid-December. In 2013, the short video featured the Crown Princess, Prince Daniel, and Princess Estelle baking cookies, while the video the next year showed them decorating the Christmas tree in their home of Haga Palace. Last year, the video was filmed at The Bakehouse at Skansen Museum and Zoo in Stockholm where the family was baking traditional Swedish delicacies.

It is expected that the Crown Princess Family will release another Christmas greeting video in the coming days.

Tomorrow, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel will begin their 3-day visit to Italy in Rome.

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