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Crown Princess of Sweden gives out 12 new grants

The Crown Princess of Sweden and her husband have given out 12 new grants.

The organisation revived 216 applications for financial assistance from the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel’s organisation. The Crown Princess couple describes it as very extensive work to determine which 12 would get the money.

These are the organisations that received money and some information about what the money will go to are:

  • Organisation: A Fresh Generation. Project: Helping children and their families have an active lifestyle.
  • Organisation: Futebol da Forca. Project: open football training for girls.
  • Organisation: Good Sports. Project: Night Football – evening activities for young people.
  • Organization: Hello Stranger! Projects: Activities for good physical and mental health that includes all.
  • Organisation: Löparakademin. Project: A ten-week program in order to increase the chances of success in studies and working.
  • Organisation: Passalen. Project: Active leisure time for young people with functional disorders.
  • Organization: Solfjäderstaden bandy club. Project: free bandy exercise for children in the Swedish town of Solfjäderstaden.
  • Organization: Star for Life Sweden. Project: Strengthening students’ learning motivation and self-esteem.
  • Organization: Foundation Fryshuset Project: Dance & Dialogue – a dance project for new arrivals.
  • Organization: Foundation Homework Project: Regular and focused homework assistance to children in socio-economically disadvantaged areas.
  • Organisation: Svensk med baby (Swedish). Project: Open parent groups for parents and children.
  • Organization: The Umeå Association. Projects: Exercise for young.

The Crown Princess couple’s foundation aims to work to improve the situation for children and young people in Sweden. They also work to encourage young people to think big and to help those to evolve as human beings so that they have a successful future. The foundation distributes these grants every year and this year is the first time the money has been distributed to twelve different projects.

This is not the only organisation that belongs to the Swedish Royal House that contributes to the society. Royal Central reported in November that Prince Daniel created a new organisation which will help to improve children’s health. In addition, Queen Silvia has her own organisation, which helps to stop abuse and exploitation of children.

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