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Spanish Royal Family tweets out support for London following attack

The Spanish Royal Family is the first of the international royals to respond to the attack on London that occurred earlier today.

On the Spanish Royal Family’s official Twitter account (@CasaReal) the message reads:

“Conmocionados por el atentado de Londres, toda nuestra solidaridad con el pueblo británico y sus instituciones en la lucha contra el terror.”

Which translated into English reads:

“Shocked by the bombing of London, our solidarity with the British people and their institutions in the fight against terror.”

Most notably is the fact that there was no bombing in London but a car ploughing down people in the street and a stabbing.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain will be undertaking a State Visit to the UK in June.

The monarch and his wife will travel to the United Kingdom from June 6 – June 8 to promote close ties between the two countries.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia were supposed to visit UK last year on a State Visit, however, it was cancelled due to political turmoil in the country.

Spain’s caretaker government of the time cancelled the upcoming State Visit of King Felipe and Queen Letizia to the UK, amidst ongoing political difficulties in the country.

The attack in London came on the one-year anniversary of the Belgium bombings that killed 32 people. Belgium’s King Philippe gave a powerful speech today asking that “above all, let us dare to be tender”.

The UK Parliament is on lockdown following multiple incidents which include a stabbing and car running into pedestrians.

Four people died in the attacks, including an armed police officer who was guarding Parliament.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, was ushered into a ministerial car when shots were fired.

The Queen is currently in residence at Buckingham Palace with the Royal Standard flying on the roof.

There will be no plans for Her Majesty to leave London, and the precautionary measures are expected.

The House of Commons and House of Lords has also been suspended for the day – the first time since 2005.


  • Lucia

    “el atentado” translates to “the attack or the assault” in English.

  • UF

    “Above all, let us dare to be tender”. What the hell does that mean? What are we, steaks?
    Here’s a more sensible proposition, Your Majesty: Let us dare to protect ourselves.

  • wildrose

    This was “real” support from The King and Queen of Spain – who if memory and (the world reporting at the time) had witnessed the horror of the bombing of the Train Station at Atocha the week of their wedding. As a result of that, and out of respect for the devastation that caused, the Crown Prince and Letizia as she then was went out to be with their fellow countrymen and women. Niether of them hid. They along with the ex King and Queen of Spain went to the devastated area, saw the atrocity first hand – reached out to their people.

    On the other hand they coud have used it as a publicity stunt (or expect a pat on the head like the press have praised the sainted kate for turning up at an engagement on the other side of London 3 days afterwards).

    These two, King Felipe and Queen Letizia have seen the worst of humanity, this happened the week they married – and therefore showed their humility, depth of understanding which is way better than the sugared photo op that the middleton coverage has cashed in on.

    Can you really see middleton scale back her massive extravaganza of a wedding if something like that had affected the week of her and bill’s wedding? No chance. Not after waiting 10 years to get him to the abbey.

    Slag off anyone you want – however the King and Queen of Spain have lived through it. It is personal – just as it is to the devasted people who have lost their lives in Spain, Belgium, Germany (Christmas Market), Paris and now London.

    The King and Queen of Spain – do not deserve being ridiculed for giving a damn, especially seeing and experiencing the carnarge their Country went through. Another thought – Queen Letizia lost her sister to suicide while she was pregnant, so this lady knows hurt and pain on a level most people (of Royal blood or marrying into a Royal House) could ever understand.

    Think about it – and if you do not believe me, look it up, read about it then maybe you will get what it is their statement means.

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