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Queen Letizia’s ex-husband’s book talks about being brought into spotlight because of her royalty

The ex-husband of Queen Letizia, Alonso Guerrero Perez, has written a new book that seems to draw from their relationship.

El amor de Penny Robinson (“The Love of Penny Robinson”) “tells an unprecedented real case,” according to the publisher’s website. “The transformation of a man with a life without fright in a media character to whom, by the fact of having been married to the one who was to become the Queen of Spain…”

The description continues: “It just so happens that whoever lived this anomaly is a writer. Now he writes the story of what he lived and, above all, how he lived it.”

The main character is also named Alonso Guerrero, and he speaks of his love for two women (both understood to be based on Queen Letizia): Laura and Nené.

The character of Laura, he writes, he met in 1989. He also reveals that “It was I who took the snapshot, that summer sunset, while she was asleep,” of a naked Laura.

Laura later switches to Nené, and he describes himself as being obsessed with her.

El amor de Penny Robinson is scheduled to be released tomorrow with an initial print run of 3,000 copies, and Guerrero will undertake a publicity tour to promote the book.

Back in 2012, Guerrero spoke to Portuguese magazine Flash! about his ex-wife’s new life, saying, “It has not benefited me or harmed me, I am still a minority writer.

“I am surprised that they keep asking me about something that happened so many years ago, they have not asked me about this for a long time.”

When pressed to speak about the then-Princess of Asturias, Guerrero said, “I only speak of my vision of the world, of what is close to me, of what surrounds me.”

Guerrero was her high school literature teacher, and they dated for ten years before they married in 1998. They divorced in 1999. Because the couple were only married in a civil ceremony, Letizia did not need an annulment from the Catholic Church to marry then-Prince Felipe of Asturias in 2004.

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