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Queen Letizia presides over presentation of the XXVII Tomás Francisco Prieto 2016

Her Majesty Queen Letizia of Spain presided over the presentation of the XXVII Tomás Francisco Prieto 2016 awards yesterday at the Mint Museum in Madrid.

When she arrived at the museum, she was received by Cristóbal Montoro, the Minister of Finance and Public Service; Felipe Martínez, the Undersecretary of Finance and Public Function; and Jaime Sánchez Revenga, the president-director of the Real Casa de la Moneda.

Inside the award ceremony, there was a video screening about the award winner, Mitsuo Miura and the School of Engraving and Graphic Design. Then Her Majesty presented the Tomás Francisco Prieto 2016, which goes to a person who is an artist of recognisable prestige.

Mitsuo Miura was born in Iwate, Japan, in 1946. Miura, a graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Tokyo, is a multitalented artist who is known for creating art in an experimental way. He has lived in Madrid, Spain, since 1966.

Her Majesty the Queen, with the wife of the winner and authorities, after the presentation of the award. Photo: © Casa de S.M. el Rey

The Queen also presented the diplomas to the students who graduated from the School of Engraving and Graphic Design of the FNMT-RCM with degrees in Master in Media of Graphic Printing, Illustration and Artistic Coinmaking. The school worked in collaboration with the University of Castilla – La Mancha.

The School of Engraving and Graphic Design and the University of Castilla – La Mancha have an exhibition called “La Locura del Ver” on display in the museum, and Her Majesty had the honour of opening it.

Her Majesty the Queen during her tour of the exhibition “La Locura del Ver”, accompanied by the author, José María Sicilia. Photo: © Casa de S.M. el Rey

Previous winners of the prestigious Tomás Francisco Prieto Prize include famous Spanish artists and sculptors like Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Eva Lootz, Alfredo Alcain, Susana Solano, and Cristina Iglesias.

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