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Queen Letizia: “A person that I love very much was diagnosed with cancer”

Yesterday, Queen Letizia of Spain revealed that someone very close to her was recently diagnosed with cancer. She revealed the information in her remarks at a forum hosted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer, which was organised to mark World Cancer Day on 4 February.

“Five weeks ago a person that I love very much was diagnosed with a complicated cancer. It is not the first time in my personal field, but it is the most recent case,” Her Majesty stated.

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She went on to discuss how she sometimes struggles to know if she should call her friend and if they should go to the movies before the next round of chemotherapy, “Sometimes I say, ‘Do I call her or do not call her?’ Would it be better to go to the movies before the new cycle of chemotherapy or would it be better to leave it alone? That discomfort of not knowing what to do.”

Queen Letizia, who chaired the forum, went on to say, “I think that after this day all of us here, the people who follow us in the networks and all the journalists who are going to transfer the important ideas of what has been said here, I think we will all come up with an evolved and different idea of what a diagnosis of cancer means.

“We are leaving with full awareness of the impact of cancer on families.”

The forum was organised to “highlight the work of volunteering in the accompaniment of people with cancer and their families for comprehensive quality care,” Casa Real revealed. It was hosted in Madrid’s Auditorium of the National Museum Reina Sofía Art Center.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer was the first organisation which Letizia took the honorary presidency position, and she is known to actively participate in its activities.

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