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King Juan Carlos wins World Sailing Championship

King Juan Carlos of Spain and his team have won the World Sailing Championship in Vancouver. Sailing is a great passion of the 79-year-old King Emeritus.

King Juan Carlos and his team took part in the World Championship with the brand new sailing ship “Nuevo Bribón”. Juan Carlos attended the inauguration of the new sailing ship last May. The King Emeritus of Spain is the patron of Spanish sailing team that competed in the race, and sailing is a huge passion of the King. King Juan Carlos also founded the prestigious sailing competition on Mallorca, the Copa Del Rey (the King’s Cup) in which he has participated for many years. Now his son, King Felipe of Spain, participates in the race. King Juan Carlos has taken part in many sailing races and even continues sailing at the age of 79.

This year’s World Sailing Championship took place across the Pacific Ocean and includes many different competitions according to the type of the sailing boat and the distances. King Juan Carlos and his team competed in the classical 6M-class. The so-called classic six category refers to any boat designed before 31 December 1965. New models use composite materials instead of wood. The competition in this class consisted out of eight rounds or regattas. King Juan Carlos and the Nuevo Bribón won only once, but they sailed the most constant and were, thus, crowned winners of the race. In the 6M-class competed 21 sailing teams.

King Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014 in favour of his son King Felipe. Ever since the King retired, he has had more time to spend on his great passion, sailing. He does not undertake any official engagements anymore. Ever since the abdication, he has not been spotted next to his wife Queen Sofía either. It is no secret that the couple had been living separate lives for a very long time.

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