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King Felipe pays tribute to the Spanish Armed Forces

Yesterday, King Felipe participated in the annual tribute to the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard at the Military Arsenal of Ferrol for Veterans Day for the Spanish Armed Forces.

Upon arrival, His Majesty was greeted by General Admiral Munoz-Delgado, the Chief of Staff of the Navy Admiral; Vice Admiral Francisco Javier Romero Caramelo, the head of the Arsenal of Ferrol; and Air Force General Eduardo Morales González-Gallarza of the Civil Guard. King Felipe also greeted other military personnel at the Military Arsenal of Ferrol.

Felipe stood on the podium to watch the raising of the Spanish flag by eight veterans after he had reviewed the troops. Afterwards, he honoured three members of the Veterans’ Brotherhood with decorations.

The ceremony concluded with a tribute to those who had made the ultimate sacrifice for Spain. The anthems of the Civil Guard, Navy, and the Royal Brotherhood of Veterans of the Armed Forces were played during this time.

Veterans Day for the Spanish Armed Forces was organised by the Ministry of Defense with the help of the different branches of the Spanish military. It has occurred every year since 1999, and it alternates locations each year between the cities in Spain that host the various branches of the military.

Veterans’ Real Brotherhood of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard brings together retired and reserve military personnel and their families plus the widows and children of those who lost their lives while in action.

The Spanish Monarchy said in a press release about the Veterans’ Real Brotherhood and Civil Guard, “It aims to ‘give continuity to the values and ideals that are the essence of the Armed Forces, on the basis of the mutual help, protection and support of the elderly people who need’ and in which materializes this tribute to former professional members of the Armed Forces and Civil Guard and to their families.”

Besides this event for Spanish veterans, King Felipe presided over the swearing-in of the new government ministers at Zarzuela Palace yesterday morning.

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